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The co-founders are a team of technologist with a total of 60+ years of experience having worked in prestigious technological companies. Our goal is simple, every human life is precious and everyone is entitled to a second opinion in the field of medicine, connecting top-notch specialists to the masses using technology.

Chitra Bhatia

14+ years experience in-memory technologies, hardware ecosystem and operations management in the semiconductor industry. Chitra holds a BE degree in Electronics Engineering and an MS degree in Electrical  Engineering. Chitra firmly believes in every human life matters and making the second opinion available to the masses at a nominal cost is one of our goals. She is also a co-founder of Dotto LLC  and  DcodeSTEM

Jaideep Shivani

18+ years of experience in the field of technology ranging from semiconductors to hardware/software ecosystem. Jaideep holds a  BE degree in  Electronics Engineering, MS degree in Computer Engineering and an MBA for Executive degree. Jaideep is an entrepreneur and philanthropist with a passion for leading projects with a good cause, the second opinion is his brainchild. He is also a co-founder of Dotto LLC  and  DcodeSTEM

Prateek Nevatia
Chief Software Engineer

Seasoned technical architect based out of Pune, India. Experience spans over 15 years tinkering with various technologies over the years which includes Microsoft.Net, web technologies, PHP, etc.  Co-founder of a small scale startup Ethosys software that caters to the software needs of  US and European clients. Loves outdoor activities, sport being a big part of his everyday life.

Sushil Kamble
Sushil Kamble

23+ years experience in the field of SW an E-MBA Alumni from Sacramento State University, Master of Technology degree in Mechanical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (Mumbai )and currently works as Director of Engineering at Forte Holdings,  a software products company targeting the Healthcare Industry involving multi-million dollar projects. Sushil is also on the Board of Directors of Hope Abides and active volunteer for Healthy Helpings, a charitable organization that helps homeless people in Sacramento

Dr. Thiru Rajagopal MD, FACS
Board Member

Thiru Rajagopal MD, FACS is a general and oncology surgeon who has been serving a diverse group of patient populations over 30 years in Sacramento community hospitals. He is the founder and CEO of Sierra Health Alerts dedicated to promoting preventive care and population health. Dr. Rajagopal has had the opportunity to work with Dignity Health Care System at different levels. He has served as a Chief of Staff, Medical Executive Committee Member for Mercy General Hospital and also an ex-officio board member for Sacramento Community Dignity Hospitals. He is the advisor to health plans like River City Medical Group, a Sectional Chief for Hills Physician Medical Group IPA and Medical Director for Nivano Independent Physicians’ Network. Dr. Rajagopal was also a Fellow for American College of Surgeons and an Active Member with The American Society of Breast Surgeons. Furthermore, as a faculty member of California Northstate University, Dr. Rajagopal
mentors future physicians. Dr. Rajagopal is a physician with an enormous passion to address the health care needs of minority communities with complex medical issues like breast cancer.

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